Thursday, 12 November 2015



Oscar de la Renta camel wool cape
4,375 CAD -

Brown pencil skirt
490 CAD -

120 CAD -

Dolce Gabbana rose purse
8,400 CAD -

Alexander McQueen gray scarve
555 CAD -

Miu Miu wide sunglasses
385 CAD -



Glamorous blue jacket
160 CAD -

DVb Victoria Beckham pencil skirt
535 CAD -

Agent Provocateur bra
255 CAD -

Patent leather shoes
475 CAD -

Chanel canvas tote bag
5,315 CAD -

Rose quartz ring
710 CAD -

Fendi cat eye glasses
495 CAD -

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Jacquard Red Chevron / AA two piece

Hello everyone, long time no post. Anyways, I did a shoot last weekend (mostly for my styling) and came across this lovely two-piece outfit from American Apparel that you will be seeing in this post. I'm also wearing brown leather ankle boots from Guess. Special thanks to Theo the photographer, my makeup artist and hairdresser. :)

Friday, 16 May 2014


Hair in January 
It's been so long but I'm backkkkkk.

So anyways, many have asked me what do I do to make my natural hair look healthier, bouncy, helping hair growth etc. Well one of the things that I will be talking about is sulfate-free shampoos, co-washing my hair (sort of the same idea as two-in-one cleansers) or using two-in-one hair cleansers. Sulfate-free shampoos prevent the stripping of colour dyed hair and or curly hair.

Hair a few weeks ago (with highlights and lo-lights )
Now I have both coloured and curly hair so it's the best thing for me personally. Going back I remember just starting this routine less than a year now and I would never go back to buying any kind of shampoo and conditioner EVER again. I'm going to briefly describe the products I use and why I use them.